Below you can find images from my latest 6 exhibitions (and some concerts) over the last 5 years;

The Anti-Terror AlbumMuseum of Contemporary Art (2020)[DK] – Curated by Magnus Kaslov

The Language of Terror is Terror Itself, The Terror of Language is Terror itself, The Terror of Terror is Language Itself Galerie Wedding (2019) [DE] – Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen

The Anti-Terror TourKunsthal 3,14 (2020] [NO] – Curated by Gitte Sætre

Think of me as a CarolGrimmuseum (2018] [DE] – Curated by Enrico Centoze

Peter & the Danish DefenceO-Overgaden Institut for Contemporary Art (2017) [DK] – Curated by Merete


The Male Version of a Sports Bra Last Tango / Duo show with Fiona Banner (2017)[CHE] – Curated by Linda Jensen