I have written and released three music records since 2016, all available on Spotify. They contain experimental-but-catchy tunes that circle around ideas of masculinity and martyrdom, community, conflict reportage, compromise and idealism, love between men, shame, loneliness, diplomacy, magic and queer intimacy. They came into being from my long standing, critically artistic engagement with the Danish Armed Forces. I am interested in using music within the context of contemporary art, to hint towards a moment after purely discoursive and deconstructive methodologies. Dissatisfied with strictly conceptual and/or relational practices, I aim towards building a regenerative praxis in which dirty, passionate bodies collides with the superiority of the intellectually academic.

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Selected CV

Peter Voss-Knude is a contemporary artist and songwriter
Born 1987 in Copenhagen // peter@voss-knude.com // www.voss-knude.com // IG: pvknude


2020 Board member of UKK [DK]
2018-2020 Bergen Academy of Art – MFA
2009-2012 Goldsmiths University of London BA Fine Art & Art History – passed with distinction 2011 Intern for Fiona Banner


2020 – The Museum of Contemporary Art [DK]

MUSIC RECORDS (Available on Spotify, iTunes etc.)

2020 The Anti-Terror Album – PV Knude 2017 Vol. II – Peter & the Danish Defence 2016 Vol. I – Peter & the Danish Defence


2022 Solo exhibition at Frederikshavns Kunstmuseum (To be confirmed) [DK]
2021 Public commission competition by The Ministry of Defence (In process) [DK]
2021 Public commission by University College Copenhagen [DK]
2020 Solo exhibition at Kunsthal 3.14 [NO]
2020 Solo exhibition at the Museum for Contemporary art [DK]
2020 MFA Group exhibition at KODE2 [NO]
2020 ANTI-KRIG exhibition at USF [NO]
2019 Sound installation in collab. w Gitte Sætre & Ed D’Souza for the Oslo Biennale [NO]
2019 Solo exhibition at Galerie Wedding [DE]
2018 Group exhibition at the Museum for Contemporary art [ONLINE EXHIBITION]
2018 Solo exhibition at Grimmuseum [DE]
2017 Duo exhibition with Fiona Banner at Last Tango [CHE]
2017 Concert Performance at the National Gallery [DK]
2017 Concert Performance at Code Art Fair 2017
2017 Solo exhibition at Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art [DK]
2016 Concert performance at the National Museum of Denmark — in exhibition ‘The Distant War’ [DK] 2015 Solo exhibition & Performance at Counter Space, Zürich [CHE]
2015 Group shows with Citylink, Edinburgh [GB-SCT]
2014 Burlesque poetry performance at Husets Teater [DK]
2013 VOINA activist — Activist in 13 art actions, Copenhagen/Roskilde [DK]
2013 Carne Vale, Group Show at Flux Factory, [USA]
2012 Peter & the Metropolitan Police — Degree show at Goldsmiths University [UK]
2009 Synapse — Group show at Goldsmiths University [UK]
2008 Trembling — Group show at Arken Museum of Contemporary Art [DK]
2007 Rebellion skies — Collective show in the tunnels of Copenhagen streets [DK]


2020 The Norwegian Arts Council — work grant
2019 The Meltzer Prize Project Grant for top grade students
2018 The Danish Art Council — For production of new works
2017 The Danish Art Council — Work Grant for Visual Art
2017 The Danish Art Council — For production of new works
2016 The Danish Art Council — working grant for New Contemporary Music

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