I aim to create an intimate lyrical presence by situating myself in areas of urgent political confrontation

By situating my artistic work inside of major institutions of society such as the Military, Homeland Security and the Police, I have been using a broad range of artistic medias as a tools to form subversive political voices for almost a decade. With the clear humanistic focus of reconfiguring the toxic mechanisms within market driven patriarchy, my aspiration with these difficult partnerships, is to form constructive critiques that happen firstly within the structures they are addressing and secondly to the public. Through widely accessible medias such as popular music, figurative painting and public sculptures I utilize my expressiveness and poetry as emancipatory forces; As Peter & the Danish Defence, I have written two music albums in collaboration with the Danish Armed Forces and its soldiers that is available on Spotify and iTunes. My third studio album – THE ANTI-TERROR RECORD – is written as response to a major terror exercise that I made public through its musical release, to discuss how dangerous operational fictions are produced in the fantasy of the public.

The art work in the Anti-Terror Album has been acquired into the permanent collection of The Museum of Contemporary Art [DK] in fall of 2020.