Peter Voss-Knude is a songwriter and visual artist based in Denmark who merges contemporary art and music. His career started at 12 as a soloist in the Copenhagen Boys Choir where he both toured the world singing classical music and starred in the Opera Nord production about the gruesome renaissance knight and alchemist Gilles de Rais. Early on, he knew he had to depart from this music environment that encouraged heteronormative capitalist values he did not share, and left it to find other ways of creating music. He has ventured into the writing of queer electronic folk music and alt. pop to sing towards new horizons with uncompromised artistic integrity. Since graduation as an artist from Goldsmiths in London, he has written, produced and independently released two music records in official collaboration with the Danish Armed Forces (as Peter & the Danish Defence) that made possible new ways of making space for tender intimacy between men. His latest release The Anti-Terror Album, is fighting terror in all its forms by confronting a state agency with it’s imperialistic storytelling. The music album was part of his first solo museum show at The Museum of Contemporary Art [DK] and received wide international acclaim dubbed ie. as best new music by the legendary music magazine American Songwriter

He is currently working on his 4th music record that brings a Jungian perspective to matters of the heart and that paints a landscape of how a masculine, gay spirituality is a yet-to-be harvested ressource in society.

To request a .pdf containing full portfolio & CV, please contact peter@voss-knude.com 

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