As the first singer-songwriter in the world Peter Voss-Knude, as a newly graduate artist from Goldsmiths in London, composed and wrote a music album in official collaboration with the Danish Armed Forces. He is interested in, and uses his art, to open up the deep layers of the human psyche, hidden potentials and shadowy passions. Through his post-conceptual paintings and songwriting, he seeks to re-enchant his relationship with a brutal world.

His work has been exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad, where his virtuous mix of music and visual art has resulted in both awards and critical acclaim in the most significant platforms of today such as Frieze, American Songwriter, Art Review and Information.

He is currently working on his first intimately personal record that brings a jungian perspective to a broken heart and paints a landscape of the yet-to-be harvested ressource in society of faerie spirituality.

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