My work draws from the imagination of the androgynous man, a perspective often marginalised and assaulted in the West. This viewpoint, often labeled as “sissy” challenges traditional archetypes, offering a fresh lens through which to explore and depict human experience. By embracing this gaze, I aim to disrupt conventional narratives and celebrate the rich, untold stories of those who exist outside the rigid confines of imperialist storytelling.

Drawing from imagination and rejecting photography, is akin to adding a drop of water in a deserted archetypal landscape. It introduces life and psychic biodiversity where there was once only the barrenness of monoculture. My art becomes an activist fiction, a form of visual storytelling that not only illuminates the overlooked but also invites viewers to integrate silenced parts of their own bodies; Specifically, I often focus on the bum—a part of the body laden with cultural taboos and often relegated to the shadows.

Through my work, the bum becomes a site of liberation and reclamation. It symbolizes the breaking of silence and the celebration of the feminine man’s narrative. My drawings seek to liberate both the subject and the viewer, fostering a deeper understanding and acceptance of the full spectrum of human identity and expression.

Kun nedbøjet finder vi ørenlyd for vinden at Frederikshavns Kunstmuseum [DK]

The Anti-Terror Album Exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art [DK]

Peter & the Danish Defence at Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art [DK]

The Language of Terror […] at Gallerie Wedding [DE]

Live Concerts at The National Gallery and Code Art Fair

Duo exhibition with Fiona Banner at Last Tango [CHE]

Think Of Me As A Carol at Grimmmuseum [DE]